It’s the valleys that make the high mountains so beautiful and amazing, the same is to be said for life, it is experiencing our lowest of lows that make our highest of highs so worth living for.

This past Saturday/Sunday was exceptional. So exceptional that I put my phone down for a change folks and just enjoyed the good company. Oops, there is a lack of images from my awesome adventures.

This beautiful view on the way home was a perfect ending to a fantastic weekend. The weather is beautiful today! #roadtrip #utah #utahismyplayground (at Starvation Reservoir)

Jazzed about a fantastic reason to be in Park City and not down in Salt Lake today! Otherwise I would have missed this amazing hotel and some pretty sweet surprises!

Flaming Gorge. Road Tripping With V. Summer 2014

Flaming Gorge. Road Tripping With V. Summer 2014

Dear Zach,

And here I thought we were homies!

I think it sucks there is no Utah city on that shirt! I mean, I know Vernal is a total long shot in “heck” but come on, I was going to be in SLC/PC this weekend and I was hoping to watch it! (And drool over your adorable face)

One Miffed Chick

What did I do this afternoon? Oh you know, helped my kid create sweet memories of his awesome childhood by inviting the neighborhood kids over for water toys and ice creams. #thecoolmom #water #backyard #tinypool #watercanons (at Nerdette HQ Take Deux)

This boy gets so excited for soccer day! Even when it’s my turn for soccer! He loves to cheer for me and help me warm up! I think I have a little Beckham on my hands! Now to hook up tickets to a Real SL game for him, I am sure he’d be in HEAVEN (or maybe us both).

❤️🐙❤️ @frauleinangelastroupe and @ameliagandara ❤️🐙❤️ Can’t wait to chat with y’all and see you in Lou in 21 days!! Is the ‘ville ready for me to return?! (at Nerdette HQ Take Deux)