Lakes, Rivers and all sorts of water make me such a happy girl. Today was amazing. And only a few people know why. I experienced life to the fullest and my heart was happy.

The evolution of a selfie.

Dinosaur. October 2014

He is my Ballet Boy. My best boy. My little love bug. And I am beyond proud to be his momma.

October 2014.

I workout. So I can eat out. And to live longer for my little love bug.

Post workout tea and all my pretty colors! #lululemon #imnotdull #iworkout #hillbillytea #holybasil #mini #cooper #countryman #asics #northface #imixmybrands (at Uintah Recreation District)

All those cliches about motherhood - they are all true.  All of them are the most beautiful things you will ever experience. 

My boy’s first college football game.  There is nothing like looking to your left and seeing amazement and wonder through the eyes of your child.  It’s like living again, for the first time.  Knowing you are making memories that will be recalled around holiday tables or camp fires, that is the most precious and priceless experience a human can ever hope for. 

Let everything happen to you, beauty and terror, just keep going. No feeling is final. Rilke.

I promise, before performance I will get a proper shot of my #balletboy ! Today we were just too giggly to make it work, so you get this gem. ❤️ #boysdancetoo #powerhousedancer #vernal #utah #Vin1st (at Powerhouse Dance Studio)

Truth Mug is at it again. This applies so well right now that I giggled at my mug all the way from the cupboard to my tea kettle. And then smiled all day long. ❤️